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  • Church visit

    Published 06/07/17, by Priya Patel

    3BP had a fantastic time at the local church. We found out the names of the different areas within the church and items in each of the areas. We ended the visit with a quiz, seeing if we could spot the different items listed. It was great fun!

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  • Ready steady grow!

    Published 19/06/17, by Priya Patel

    In our last term we have been learning about best conditions for growing plants and how seeds are designed to disperse. We have grown beans using hydroponics and grown cress investigating which conditions they grow best in . We have followed and written our own instructions for growing plants. In groups we kept a diary of their growth. It has been great fun!

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  • Goodbye Mrs Betts

    Published 25/05/17, by Priya Patel

    We will miss you very much Mrs Betts, we are very sad you are leaving! Thank you for all your help and we have learnt lots of new things in your exciting lessons. We have had a great party afternoon saying our last goodbye.  Good luck and please come back to visit soon. 3BP will miss you, thank you once again!

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  • Awards awards And more awards!

    Published 19/05/17, by Priya Patel

    Well done 3BP for all your achievements this week. There have been a range of awards been given out from sports awards, book swap, reading awards and the waited pen license!

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  • Exploring Nottingham - Justice Museum

    Published 05/05/17, by Priya Patel

    3BP and 1S  went to The National Justice Museum as part of our topic 'Touring the UK.' We had a very busy but fun day.  It was interesting to see and learn about how our law and justice system has changed over time. We experienced what it would be like being part of a trial in a real life court and the jury decided Goldilocks was guilty. We throughly enjoyed going down into the caves which were made from sandstone  and in the past were used for; living in, sewage waste and a shelter. We were astonished to find out about the different jobs children did in the caves. . It was a great adventure! 

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  • Designing A Kippah

    Published 28/04/17, by Priya Patel

    This half term in RE we are going to be  learning about the Jewish religion and their place of worship. We have learnt that the place of worship is called the Synagogue and the special hats which men and boys wear are called a Kippah . We  used Jewish symbols to design our Kippah and followed a set of instructions . It was great fun! 

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  • Our walk around Keyworth

    Published 22/03/17, by Priya Patel

    1S and 3BP are nearly coming to an end with their topic 'Home Sweet Home.' To bring the topic together we have been on a walk around the Keyworth village. We had great fun looking at the old buildings and spotting where the old school was. We were amazed to see the barn and the bricks made out of Limestone. It was astnoishing how much we learnt about the village and learning about the changes that have happened in the village.

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  • Magnetic Madness!

    Published 16/03/17, by Priya Patel

    It's science week!! 3BP have been busy carrying out investigations and have had a visitor come to talk to them about Healthy Eating.

    This week, like true scientists, we have been generating scientific questions. Our focus questions were 'Are big magnets more powerful than smaller magnets?' and 'Which materials and magnetic and non-magnetic.' In small groups we planned our investigations and made predictions. The best part was carrying out the investigations! Our results were interesting and we also discovered that magnetic matericals (materials attracted to magnets) have a pulling force.

    Great work on the investigations scientists!

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  • World Book Day in 3BP!

    Published 03/03/17, by Priya Patel

    We had some great some fun yesterday celebrating our love for books. We had Fantastic Mr Fox, Harry Potter, Witches and many more characters working hard in the class - some amazing costumes! We talked about our favourite books and designed a front cover for them. There were some great designs! Linking our English topic of 'stories with a moral' we got busy making bookmarks with different animal characters. What a fantastic day! 

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  • British Bake Off!

    Published 22/02/17, by Priya Patel

    For British Values week we have been thinking about what makes us British. Some of the things we came up with are fish and chips, different accents, drinking lots of tea and different British cakes. To bake our scones, we used our measuring skills to weigh the different ingredients. The tradition of scones were first discovered in 1513.  We had great fun baking. They looked yummy but tasted even better! 

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  • Animal Dance!

    Published 10/02/17, by Priya Patel

    This half term in P.E. we have been learning how to move as different animals. We jumped high like kangaroos, slithered liked snakes and moved on our fours to be tortoises. In small groups we created a dance sequence to go with the jungle music. We all put on a great dance show!

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  • Show us the light

    Published 27/01/17, by Sara Lindley

    We have been invetigating about light in Science. We have had fun carrying out many investigations. We have found that light travels in straight lines, there are different colours of the spectrum and we need light to see. We had most fun blowing bubbles and shining the torch to see the different colours of the spectrum.

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