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Keyworth Primary
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Mrs McCue's Jaguars

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  • Yeeeee-Ha! The Day Cowboy Mike Rode Into Town!

    Published 17/11/17, by Holly Fisher

    We went to the 'Wild West' for a day....

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  • The Class is wild...

    Published 20/10/17, by Holly Fisher

    Where the Wild Things Are......Y5/6.

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  • Let's Harvest...

    Published 13/10/17, by Holly Fisher

    Miss Peck recycled the 'Solar System' fruit she had used in her science lesson so we could enjoy it for our class harvest. It has been a great celebration day.

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    Published 12/10/17, by Holly Fisher

    Harvest Science came to KPNS

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    Published 12/10/17, by Holly Fisher


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    Published 12/10/17, by Holly Fisher
    Some people are planning costumes for Wear it Wild Day  or Halloween, others are gearing up for Christmas Day, making things like this card holder for the Christmas post!  
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  • Shiny Shoes and Jolly Jaguars

    Published 07/09/17, by Louise McCue

    Meet the new Jaguars in year 5 and 6, along with our cuddly cub Jeffrey.

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  • What A Year!

    Published 24/07/17, by Holly Fisher

    A few words from Miss Fisher at the end of term...

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  • "A Stage Where Every Man Must Play a Part...."

    Published 19/05/17, by Holly Fisher
    This week, 4F have started looking at the Shakespearean play, 'The Merchant of Venice'. So far we've used lots of active approaches and have had a great time exploring the characters and main storyline of the play.  As yesterday was
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  • A Trip Round Europe in a Day!

    Published 11/05/17, by Holly Fisher

    Wow, we've mangaged to visit a lot of countries today!

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    Published 27/04/17, by Holly Fisher

    Which material make the best ear defenders...?

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  • Goodbye Mr Brown! :'(

    Published 31/03/17, by Holly Fisher

    We'll miss you!

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