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Keyworth Primary
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Mrs King's Elephants

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  • Today we became Poets! 

    Published 03/11/17, by Gemma King










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  • Where have all my elephants gone?!

    Published 20/10/17, by Gemma King

    Tigers, bunnies, crocodiles, leopards, pandas and  monkeys. Looking great for Wear It Wild Day! 

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  • Robin Hood and His Merry Elephants!

    Published 15/10/17, by Gemma King

    Den Building in the Merry Men Village.

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  • Juicing Apples Ready for Harvest Festival!

    Published 12/10/17, by Gemma King

    Put them in the scratter and churn them to a pulp!!

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  • An Extraordinary Elephant!

    Published 22/09/17, by Gemma King

    A BIG suprise in our classroom this morning! 

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  • Did You Know That...?

    Published 20/09/17, by Gemma King

    Working as a team and finding out about information texts! 

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  • Chiming bells in Keyworth

    Published 23/03/17, by Louise McCue

    Sunshine, Egg Art and Bells, bells, bells...

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  • Learning New Computer Skills

    Published 17/03/17, by Sara Lindley

    Over the last term Mrs Swift and Mrs Lindley have been joining forces and team teaching the children lots of new skills on the computers.

    In the first half term they became illustrators and authors. We introduced them to a program called Tux Paint which allowed them to use various tools to draw houses. After initially experimenting with the different effects they could create the children were asked more specifically to draw their own house and add text to their drawing.

    Following on from this and linked to the class topic of Keyworth the children were set the challenge of becoming information gatherers. A lot of the children knew that if they wanted to find out something they could 'Google it'. However they didn't really understand how google worked. We introduced them to the term - Search Engine. We talked about having to put words into Google, or any other search engine, so that it could hunt down information about that subject.

    The children found out that if you put Keyworth Primary School into Google some pictures came up of a school in London! This helped the children to realise that the more specific your words are the better search engine results you get. They now know to type in Keyworth Primary School Nottingham.

    We then found the snipping tool very useful to cut out pictures from the internet and place them into a word document ready for us to write all about them.

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  • Staying safe online over the holidays.

    Published 12/12/16, by Sara Lindley

    This week our class will be talking about staying safe on the internet over the Christmas holidays.

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  • A trip to Hardwick Hall

    Published 09/11/16, by Ally Swift

    We went on a trip to Hardwick Hall, a beautiful old house once owned by Bess of Hardwick. She was one of the most powerful women in England and a friend of Elizabeth 1.

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  • What is Betelgeuse?

    Published 20/09/16, by Sara Lindley

    Welcome to our new class name...... but what is Betelgeuse?

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  • Message in a Bottle!

    Published 30/06/16, by Sara Lindley

    The F2 class received a mysterious message in a bottle this morning.

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