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Keyworth Primary
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Pre-writing skills - vertical lines




Take a look at the video above to get tips on how to encourage your child to go up and down a vertical line.

This exercise helps to prepare your child for writing letters such as h   k   b   d  and p where they have to have the control to go down and back up over the same line in order to have the correct letter formation.

At this stage it does not matter what sort of writing implement you use. It could be all sorts! Chalk, paint,

felt-tips, crayons or pencils.

Felt tips are often a good one to start with as there is very little resistance on the page and so it makes it easy to write with.

Children may also swap hands as it takes quite a long time for a dominant hand to be established.

How they grip the mark making tool does not matter at this stage either. It can be a variety of grips as shown on the video.

Right from the start demonstrate that if you hold the paper with the hand you are not using it means it won't move around.

I have attached the 'Harry on the bus' sheet to the bottom of this page. If you do not have a printer you could draw the same type of image onto a piece of paper or alternatively cut out a circle of paper, chop it in half and stick it with the gap in the middle onto another piece of paper. Then draw you own character at the top and bottom and the bus!