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  • Obama Class Are Gardeners!

    Published 23/04/24, by Mel Harris

    As part of our DT project, the children have today planted potatoes in bin liners. 

    We have chitted potatoes in the classroom and they have already begun to grow tubers and shoots.

    This afternoon, we filled bin liners with 8-10cm of compost. Next, we put the potatoes into the compost.



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  • Welcome Back to Summer Term: Sow, Grow and Farm!

    Published 18/04/24, by Mel Harris

    Welcome back to a brand-new term! 

    I hope you are all feeling refreshed after the Easter holidays!

    We will be learning lots of exciting things this half term focusing on Farming in the UK and around the world in Geography; and Living Things and their Habitats in Science.   In Maths we are starting with Perimeter and Area and for English our fiction model text is called "Red". The curriculum information and the knowledge organisers for both Geography and Science can be found as an attachment at the bottom of the blog.

    What is our class text for this half-term?

    Last half-term we focused on the book ‘Boy in the Tower’ by Polly Ho Yen This term we will be sharing the children's classic 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkein. Feel free to purchase a copy if you would like your child to follow along in class.

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  • Happy Easter!

    Published 28/03/24, by Mel Harris

    Well, we've made it!

    Obama class have worked incredibly hard this half term and have accomplished a lot.

    In History, we continued to explore the Tudors, focussing on Henry VIII, his six wives and his "Great Matter". The children have considered whether or not Henry was a 'bad king' and looked in depth at both him and Anne Boleyn through our Vipers work. They also finished their DT project which was begun last half term - Obama Row - and designed and made their own Tudor Pots!

    In Science, we have investigated forces. We explored gravity; air resistance by designing and making our own parachutes; friction by testing cars on a ramp covered with different materials; and water resistance by making boats and propelling them through water with a fan.

    In Maths, we have covered fractions, decimals and percentages, whilst in English we have written a news report about a “Rocketeer Rescue”, and then wrote our own version based on a Dodo in a road bringing all the traffic in Keyworth to a halt!

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  • Obama Class are Terrible Tudors!

    Published 22/03/24, by Mel Harris

    Today, Obama Class have had their Tudor enrichment day with Mr Adby from Partake History.

    The day started with the children becoming archaeologists and examining a range of replica Tudor artefacts. They spent a lot of time talking about what the artefacts were used for and who would have used them. They also used their sketching skills to draw the artefacts.


    After break, we went into the hall and Mr Adby taught us how to dance the farandole.



    Next, he taught us how ladies curtseyed and gentlemen bowed.

    Then he taught us the galliard (the favourite dance of both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I).


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  • Science Week

    Published 15/03/24, by Mel Harris

    We have had a busy week in school celebrating all things scientific. The week was launched with an Assembly led by Mrs Westie and Mr Cresswell and culminated this afternoon with the finals of the Marble Run Challenge. We also had a visit from Severn Trent Water.

    In Year Five, we celebrated with several different lessons, including making a water clock and then making boats to test water resistance.

    Our water clocks were made using an empty plastic water bottle which was cut in half. We punched a hole in the lid and then inverted the top half. Next, we filled our own water bottles with water. We then started a timer on the whiteboard and poured water into the inverted lid. As the water dripped through, we watched the timer and every 30 seconds used a Sharpie pen to mark on the side of the bottle. Finally we labelled our marks 0:00, 0:30, 1:00, 1:30 and so on until the bottom half of the bottle was full.


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  • Science Week Competition - Class Results

    Published 13/03/24, by Mel Harris

    Today, we had the heats for our marble runs as part of the SciTech competition and it was very close! Lucas and Joshua's marble went the furthest, Laurels's was a close second. The school final will be this Friday, at the end of science week.


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  • World Book Day

    Published 12/03/24, by Mel Harris

    We had a lovely time on World Book Day with our theme of 'Bedtime Stories'.

    I shared my favourite bedtime story, 'Elmer, with the children and they created beautiful Elephant Parades. They also designed a star to represent one of their favourite stories, including pictures to give clues about the book. These will form a display in school, with stars from all the children. 

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  • Tudor Experience Day

    Published 28/02/24, by Mel Harris

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    This term we have been learning all about the Tudors and to enrich our learning we have booked an experience day with a company called Partake History. They will spend the whole day in school with us, delivering a Tudor Day for Obama class.

    The Tudor Day will take place on Friday 22nd March and the children will participate in a range of experiences including:

    • Handling artefacts of the time to stimulate group investigation and discussion work
    • Investigating and experiencing Tudor spices and finding out about their importance to Tudor life
    • Using a quill pen to become a master calligrapher.
    • Witnessing the gradual transformation of a girl and a boy into wealthy Tudor children as they are dressed, layer by layer.
    • Performing the dances and etiquette of Tudor court and country.
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  • Obama Class are Architects!

    Published 27/02/24, by Mel Harris

    Over the last few weeks, we have been very busy designing and constructing Tudor houses.

    The design process began with the children looking at different types of houses then looking more closely at the traditional timber framed, wattle and daub Tudor buildings.

    They then explored making strong structures using cardboard triangles (Jinks's Joints) to strengthen them, making prototypes with art straws and cardboard.


    After that we worked independently to have a go with wood. 

    We learned to measure twice and cut once, and how to join the wood to creat a rectangle rather than a square.



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  • Obama Class Go to the WonderDOme

    Published 26/01/24, by Mel Harris

    What an amazing afternoon with Ben in the WonderDome Planetarium!

    The class had a wonderful time exploring space in three dimensions; learning about man's past - and now future - missions to the moon;  and looking at how the International Space Station was built and is used.

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  • WonderDome Mobile Planetarium

    Published 11/01/24, by Mel Harris

    Year Five are to have an exciting enrichment afternoon in two weeks' time.

    The WonderDome mobile planetarium has been booked for the afternoon of Friday the 26th January.

    WonderDome provides an inspiring learning experience, which captivates all ages. An inflatable planetarium will be brought into school, where the knowledgeable presenter will set up in the Hall and provide an amazing planetarium show.

    A WonderDome mobile planetarium is like a large domed tent, without a base. It is blown up with a large fan and everyone enters through the simple zip entrance. When it’s inflated the equipment inside projects 360 degrees to reveal the wonders of the Universe.


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  • Happy New Year!

    Published 05/01/24, by Mel Harris

    Welcome to 2024.

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a well-earned rest.

    Our topic this term focuses on the Terrible Tudors, alongside a science focus on the Earth in Space and Forces. This half-term’s curriculum information and knowledge organisers can be found as  attachments at the bottom of this blog.

    What is our class text for this term?

    Once we have finished Holes, we will be turning our attention to a new book: Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen. Whilst, it doesn’t link directly to our history topic, it is nevertheless a beautifully written book that captures the reader from the very first chapter.


    A reminder of the school expectations for your child:

    * Read at least 3 times a week at home (or alternatively, come to Reading Lair!)

    * Check and sign your child’s home-school diary every week.

    * Remain in the green zone on Doodlemaths and Doodlespell (this totals approximately 40 minutes every week). I will be checking this every Monday and children who are in the Red Zone will be expected to give up their playtimes until they are in the Green Zone.

    * Work on achieving the Silver Reading challenges (these can be found at the back of your child’s home-school diary). If your child hasn't achieved their Bronze, they can still work on this.

    * Check the class blog regularly to see what we’re doing in school.

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