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Doodlemaths, TTRS, MyMaths and Reading Eggs

Whose been using our learning apps this week..?


It’s great to see so many of you have been using DoodleMaths at home this week. Here are our Star Doodlers!

Children who achieved 50+ stars this week








Children who achieved 100+ stars this week





And our top Doodler this week with a WHOPPING 449 stars is…LEO!!

Congratulations Leo what an amazing achievement!

Sea Lions beat us to the DoodleMaths Star so I want to see more of you logging on this week!  Let’s try to get more Jellyfish names on the Star Doodlers list. I wonder if anyone will beat Leo’s score?

Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots

Year 2 Jellyfish – Special mention to Olivia for using the app this week! Let’s get more of you logging on over the next seven days.

Don’t forget to logon and try out Numbots for free!

Reading Eggs

Well done Olivia, Riley, Imogen and Bailie for giving Reading Eggs a go.

This is a brand new app that I know we still need to get used to it (me included!) but hopefully I will see more of you trying it out in the coming days and weeks.

When you first login in, you will need to answer some questions so that Reading Eggs can determine your current level. Then you will be able to try out the activities. There’s lots to choose from including sight words, sounds, stories and songs.


Another new app that some of you have given a go! Well done to Aflie, Brooke, Olivia and Ava for trying some of the activities! I will be starting to assign activities on this app for everyone to have a go


I'll be blogging more next week about your home learning tasks. Enjoy your weekend! Be kind to each other. Miss you lots! x