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Writing challenge

Hello Jellies!

Each week I will be adding a writing challenge to our class blog. I will most likely put them on each Monday so you are getting your first one early!

I came across this poem last week and it gave me a little chuckle. Have a read.

Supermarket Slalom* by Paul Bright

*a slalom is a race where skiers race downhill, swerving between poles

On your marks, get trolley. Go!

List in one hand, starting slow

Veg for Sunday, lunch for eight

Throw it in, accelerate!

Salad stuff, a bit of fruit

Concentrate, don’t lose the route!

Box of rice, curly pasta

Really cruising, moving faster

Take the turn, the castors squeal

Grab the instant curry meal!

Missed an aisle, 5 penalties

Go back for the frozen peas

Two old ladies stand and natter

Can’t slow down, the grannies scatter!

Pressure’s on, no time to slack

At the check-out rush to pack

Bags full, sprinting out the door

Crowd goes crazy, hear them roar

New world record! What a star!

Give the champ a chocolate bar!


Your challenge is to write your own poem about shopping at the supermarket! It can be as long or as short as you like, but the challenge is to make it rhyme.

I will post some ideas next week for rhyming words you could use. In the meantime you could try to learn this poem by heart or even make a video of yourself performing it! See below for a copy of the poem you can download.


Some questions you may want to discuss when you read the poem together:

What could 'the castors' be?

Why do you think the grannies scatter?

How does the author make a trip to the supermarket sound like a race?