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MyMaths and DoodleMaths

Important information regarding MyMaths and Doodlemaths


Similar to my previous blog post on Reading Eggs, I will be assigning tasks on MyMaths and DoodleMaths once a week.

These tasks will either relate to that week's Maths topic (see previous blog posts) or they will review a skill that we have covered before.

When children login, it will direct them to complete these activities, before they can click on anything else. New tasks will go live each Monday. They will more than likely be one for DM and one for MM.

I have noticed about half of our class have not yet logged onto MyMaths and a small handful have also not accessed DoodleMaths for a while.

While I understand these are tricky times with no handbook for what to do best, I would really love to see all of Jellyfish accessing these fantastic resources.  Little and often works best for these so even if children just do 15 mins on each app per day it will make a massive difference! They are a great tool for children to keep on top of their learning, and also help teachers to monitor how children are progressing with different skills. We can also give feedback and offer extra support if needed.

If you are struggling to access any of the educational apps or need guidance, please reach out to either myself or one of the KPNS team at We will be more than happy to help!

Tomorrow I will be posting all the fabulous work I've seen this week and revealing who has been trying hard on the apps...Watch this space! :)