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Maths Support

Hi all!

I know some of you will be keen to continue with some home learning over Easter for a bit of routine. If you are able to, please look at the following resources

Year 2s

I would like you to continue looking at fractions, moving onto thirds, fifths and equivalent fractions

Please use the White Rose Home Learning materials for this. Each 'lesson' comes with a video explanation, an activity to download and answers to check.

Here is the link Please work your way through Week 2

To support learning I would also recommend looking at these skills with food e.g. splitting an apple into half and quarters - A very easy, visual way to help children get their heads around fractions!

If you have access to a printer, take a look at the paper resources below too.


Next up, Year 1s!

I would like you to look at volume and capacity

There are two lessons on White Rose Home Learning that are perfect for this. Each lesson comes with a video explanation, an activity to download and answers to check.

Here is the link  Please take a look at lessons 4 and 5 in week 1 and lesson 6 in week 2.

You could also start using vocabulary full, empty, almost full with containers around the house. Fill up containers with different amounts of toys and put them in order from full to empty. Pour the same amount of liquid or sand into a variety of containers to show how the same volume can look different. If you measuring jugs, you could incorporate these into some activities!

Here is a link to the BBC bitesize resource on capacity

If you have a printer, you could also download one of the paper resources below.


If you have any questions or need more support with this drop me an email at

Also please please please take pictures of anything you get up to and send them to me! I miss you all lots so it would be really lovely to see what you're getting up to.

Take care! :)