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Maths Support

Hi all!

I know some of you will be keen to continue with some home learning over Easter for a bit of routine. If you are able to, please look at the following resources

Year 2

Year 2s can continue their work on fractions this week and look at the next set of lessons on White Rose Home Learning.

Please take a look at Summer Week 1 lessons 1 and 2

Year 1

Year 1s can begin looking at a new skill – Making equal groups. Once again White Rose have created some great resources to support with this.

Please take a look at Spring Week 2 lessons 3 and 4.

You can also explore this skill with objects around your house; Split your toys into different teams with an equal amount on each, split food in a fair way for you and your family, count out Lego pieces for you an a partner then create something.

As always, please send through any pictures or pieces of work you complete. I love seeing them!