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Here are the weekly spellings we would have been learning if we were still in school. We would be really grateful if you could still practise these at home. See below for some activity ideas.

Year 1 Summer 1 Term

Year 2 Summer 1 Term

Here are some ideas for activities you can do at home

Rainbow write - Children write the word in pencil, then write it again over the top in three different colours

Pyramid write - Children write the first letter, then on the next line the first two letters, then the first three and so on. For example:

Vowels and consonants - Write each word, draw a circle around all the vowels in one colour and all the consonants in another colour

Sentences - Can you use each word in a sentence? Challenge - Can you use more than one of your words in a single sentence?

Silly sentences - Can you think of a silly sentence using your word? Be as ridiculous as you like!

Flower write - Draw a large flower and fill each part by writing one of your words over and over

Syllables - Can you split each word into its syllables? (Beats per word) Remember to put your hand under you chin and say the word to help you. For example:

kind | ly

Air write - Can you write each word in the air with your finger?

Pictures - Draw a picture for each word to help you remember them

Modelling - If you have playdough or clay, you could make each letter to spell the word or even create a 3D model of your picture from the last activity

Speed write - How many times can you write one of your words in 60 seconds?


As always, please send through any pictures of your work!