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Writing Challenge

Take a walk!

This week, I am challenging you to write about a walk you take with your family. It could be a walk to the shops, a walk around the streets where you live or a nature walk.

I know my walks are helping to keep my spirits up and now is a great time of year to see all the beautiful blossoms and nature returning. Here are some tips to make your next walk more mindful and interesting:

Rainbow spotter - Can you find something for each colour of the rainbow? Take a picture of each one and make a collage!

Butterfly detective - There are lots of butterflies out at the moment. How many can you sot on your walk? You could take a pencil and notepad with you and make a tally chart or draw the different types you see.

Blossom buddy - A lot of flowers are coming into bloom right now. Take time to stop and look at all the different types. How are they different from each other? Do they have the same number of petals? Colours? Where are they growing?

Animal finder - You may have noticed more animals are out and about now! How many different types can you see? What are they doing? What do you think they were doing over winter?

As always, please send through any work you complete :)