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Home Learning Stars

I’m so pleased with all the amazing work I’ve been sent this week and all the app activity I’ve seen. Great job Jellyfish!

Such a wide variety of activities this week! Geography research, writing, handwriting, maths and phonics. Take a look at the pictures below to see some fantastic pieces of work.


We earned a lot of stars this week but our class had the lowest percentage on target. That means not enough children are logging onto DoodleMaths. Please try to do this at least twice a week if you’re not already!

Well done to the following children who earned more than 50 stars this week:

·         Alfie, Bailie, Bella Anne, Louie, Imogen and Olivia

Well done to those who earned more than 100 stars:

·         Bailie, Bella Anne, Imogen, Olivia and Louie

Well done to the children who had a 5-day streak!

·         Bella Anne and Olivia

This week’s Top Doodler is Bailie who earned 268 stars! Well done, amazing effort!

Reading Eggs

You still have until Monday to complete this week’s assignments. Special mentions for the children that have worked hard on this already.

Children who completed at least one assignment:

·         Bailie, Bella Anne, Erin, Leo, Ava, Olivia, Alfie, Louie, Cameron

Children who completed at least two assignments:

·         Bailie, Bella Anne, Erin, Ava, Olivia, Alfie, Louie, Cameron

Children who completed all of their assignments:

·         Bailie, Ava, Olivia, Alfie, Louie, Erin, Cameron

Congratulations Bella Anne, Olivia and Imogen who have earned some gold certificates!

Great job everyone!


New activities went on a little late so you still have a few days to complete these. Well done to Imogen, Erin and Olivia who have completed theirs already!