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Maths Support WB 4.5.20

Hello all! Here are this week's maths activities.

Please remember to look at the previous week for anything you might have missed.

Year 1

This week I would like you to look at doubles and halves of numbers up to 20. To help you, please look on the White Rose website, where you will find a video explanation and activity sheets  Find Summer Week 1 at the top of the page and look at lessons 1 and 4.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos on this topic

And a game on

I've also attached some paper resources at the bottom of this page to support.

Year 2

This week I would like you to continue looking at 2D and 3D shapes but also begin to look at patterns, position and direction too.

Please complete at least three lessons from Week 2 on the Oak National Academy website

These BBC videos will also be helpful for this topic

Here's a link to some game on

Here are some ideas for other activities you can do at home:

Blindfold - Place an object in the room somewhere and give directions to a member of your family wearing a blindfold!

Pattern maker - Create patterns using 2D and 3D shapes. Use the resources below or create your own

Shape hunt - Make a tally chart to see how many shapes you can find around your home. Maybe you could do it again the next time you go for a walk!

Poster - Make a poster explaining what 2D or 3D shapes are. Make sure to include key vocabulary such as face, edge, vertices, side, straight and curved

Shape picture - Can you make a picture using only 2D shapes? See the attachments below for some resources

3D model - Can you make a model using 3D shapes in your home? Some things you could make are a house, a tower or a bridge