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Writing Challenge WB 11.5.20

Setting descriptions - Where does your unicorn live?

Last week you guys did some fantastic work creating and describing a unicorn. Now I want you to describe where the unicorn lives!

Your unicorn could live anywhere you like - An enchanted forest, a castle, a rainbow in the sky, the arctic, a wizard's cottage - anywhere!

Start by drawing a picture of your setting.

Next use your five senses to come up with ideas to describe it and write some notes, or label your picture with ideas.

- What can you see? (Describe the shape and colour)

- What can you hear? (other animals, weather, people)

- What can you smell? (Are there any nice smelling plants or food in your setting? Can you smell the earth? The sea?)

- What can you feel? (What is the temperature? What do things feel like when you touch them?)

- What can you taste? Is anything edible in your setting?

Year 2s (and Year 1s if you want a challenge!) there are some lessons on setting descriptions on Oak National Academy Week 3

I would also recommend completing this lesson on BBC Bitesize to brush up on your capital letters before writing your sentences.

Please see below for some adjectives and an example of a setting description for a dark unicorn!