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Writing CHALLENGE WB 8.6.20

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This week children in school will be starting The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Here are some activities similar to what will be happening in school:

- Page 1 to 6. Discuss Peter's personality. Design your own mischievous woodland character. Write some sentences to describe them.

-Page 7 to 11. Discuss how Peter is feeling on each page. Can you think of any other words that mean happy, sad or scared? Complete activity on Peter's feelings

-Page 12 to 18. How many verbs (action words) can you find? Come up with an action to go with each one? There are also some 'onomatopoeia' words (sound words). Can you find them? Can you think of your own for some of the other actions? Take a look at Week 6, Wednesday for a lesson on onomatopoeia