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Year 2 National Phonics Screening

Advice for National Phonics Screening

Due to lockdown, the National Phonics Screening for pupils in Year 1 was postponed until the Autumn Term.

Pupils who are now in Year Two will therefore complete this during the week beginning December 7th.

Please watch this video from Miss Simpson for a quick look at the screening paper and advice on how to support your child.



Dots and dashes

When practising, we encourage to children to first underline the 'special' friends' (sounds made up of two or more letters) and dot the single letter sounds. Children are allowed to do this during their screening and we find that it helps them to blend all the sounds. I will send out a practice paper this week. If you want more papers, you can find them on

Here is a step by step guide for doing this at home.

Step 1 - Ask your child to look at the word. Are there any special friends? If yes, ask them to underline the special friends

Step 2 - Now put a dot under the single letter sounds

Step 3 - Ask your child to say each sound and then say the full word

Some words may have more than one 'special friend'. 

RWI books

Before reading the story, it is really important that children practice their speed sounds, green words and red words. After the story the can also practice speedy green words (usually at the back of the book) - They need to read these words as quick as possible.