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New Spelling routine for Year 3/4

Spelling changes for Year 3/4 please read to find out more...

This year our class will be following the Read Write Inc Spelling programme. The phonics programme in previous years has been very successful and we are hoping for more positive results with this new spelling scheme too. This spelling scheme is the next step after phonics.

How does it work?

Each week we will focus on a specific sound or rule and complete activities based on this. Little and often is the key to this scheme. Children will complete different activities several times a week for around 15 mins.

What about spelling tests?

Children will no longer be tested on a set of words every week. Instead they will be tested every half-term to see how secure they are with the sounds or rules covered so far in each unit.

What should I be doing at home?

Children no longer need to learn a list of ten words every week (hooray!) HOWEVER...

All children are required to access doodlespell and stay in the green zone every week.

We will also be putting additional activities on doodlespell to help children practice sounds/rules we have looked at so far. These will be one or two weeks behind their learning in class to help children remember what has been previously taught and embed their learning. The first additional activities should start appearing in a couple of weeks so don't panic if you don't see them straight away.

From time to time, you may also see some spelling words written in home school diaries. These are words that your child has decided they need some extra practice on. It would be really beneficial to practice these words with your child to help build their confidence.

If you have any questions please email the office or catch Miss Fowell on the front playground in the mornings.