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A visit from Maximus Fabius Manlius Gregorius!


We were extremely excited to meet the fearless and victorious Maximus Fabius Manlius Gregorius to Parks Class to help us learn more about the Romans!

Gregorious was a Roman Legionary and led the Y3/4 children through a gruelling day preparing them to become part of the Roman Army. 

Our day was full of learning opportunities and included exciting tasks. Today we learnt about:

-different Roman soldiers.

- the weapons carried by soldiers and how these were used in battle.

- the criteria to join a Roman army.

- tortoise shell formations and practised this as a class!

- learnt how to write like the Romans.

-created clay models of figures that would have been catapulted in battles.

- looked at Roman ceramics.

-played Roman games (one included catching real sheep knuckle bones...eww!)

- used wooden spears and nets like the soldiers.

and finally... listened to a traditional Roman myth!

Phew! What a fun filled day Parks class! I hope you all enjoyed such an exciting day!