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A visit from the dentist

Parks class learnt about teeth hygiene, different teeth types, sugar in foods and tooth decay...


As part of our 'burps, bottoms and biles' topic I arranged the wonderful Pip to came to talk to the children from Keyworth's dental practice. Pip came with a wealth of information and the children were eager to learn about teeth!

We took part in lots of different activities to learn about the importance of dental hygiene such as:

- When and how long we should brush our teeth.

-How to brush our teeth properly with the help of Pip's dinosaur!

- What drinks benefit our teeth and what drinks might damage our teeth (we learnt that water and milk was the best! but, flavoured water contained sugar).

- We looked at acid and alkali's and tested these within a variety of drinks and learnt that acidic drinks are more damaging for our teeth.

- We looked at how many grams of sugar are in certain foods and drinks (many were surprised to learn that raisins contained the most sugar and baked beans contained sugar too!)

- We learnt about the different types of teeth and their uses.

- We also looked at teeth models of adults with fillings and adults without to help us learn about tooth decay.


Finally, Pip very kindly organised little goodie bags for the children to take home which included: toothpaste, toothbrushes, mirrors, timers and information about looking after our teeth.

Thank you so much Pip for visiting us, the children thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon!

Please take a look at our pictures to find out more...