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Science week in Parks Class

Find out what we've been doing for Science week...


This week as part of British Science week the children have been looking at 'what do they know about insects'.

We started this afternoon by looking at facts such as:

- How many legs does an insect have? (six)

- How many insect species do scientists believe there are in the world?  (9,000,000).

- How many days on average does a honeybee live for? (38 days)

- How many insects live in Antarctica? (2)

 - What is the length of the longest insect in the world? ( A Chans Megastick measures 57 cm).

- What insect only lives for a day? (A mayfly).

- At what speed can the world's fastest flying insect fly at? (56kmph- a dragonfly).


After this, we went on a trail around the classroom and learnt about a range of insects found in the UK (A Hornet Mimic Hoverfly, a Glow worm, Great Green Bush Cricket etc) through National Geographic, Planet Earth and Wildlife Trust videos. The children then used this information to create their own insect and they thought about: their adaptations, their skills, their speed, their length and mass).

Later on this week, we will be learning about the importance of soil and collecting soil samples around school we will be particularly focusing on the different layers and what they contain.


The children enjoyed this afternoon and are keen to learn more about the insects found around them!