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Beaumanor hall residential​​​​​​​!

Parks' class had a very special trip to remember!


Parks class were incredibly excited to go on their very own residential  to the beautiful, grand Beaumanor Hall. After saying goodbye to our adults we were rearing to go and were excited to see what the trip had in store for us!

In the morning, Parks class took part in some fun map work and worked out answers to questions by hunting for clues in small groups. This was helpful because we knew how to find places around the site, and we also learnt facts about Beaumanor Hall. Afterwards we had lunch and played team games which required great communication skills and leadership these games involved: creating animals, working out how to use parts of guttering to transport a ball to the other side and many more!

Next, we found out which cabins we would spend the night in and where we were going to sleep . We unpacked our bags (including our favourite teddies) to make us feel a bit more at home before indulging ourselves on a feast of glorious burgers, chips and salad and some wonderful ice-cream! In the evening, we took part in night line which involved following a rope using only our hands to guide us and a blindfold! Many of us were incredibly brave despite finding this a little daunting at first but it was so lovely to hear the children encourage their peers and everyone took part and completed the challenge (some children even wanted to have another go!) 

We were all getting a little sleepy after a very eventful day so we got into our cosy PJs and listened to a bedtime story with our favourite teddies whilst drinking hot chocolate before catching up on some well-deserved sleep.

The next day, we were greeted with a grand breakfast in the dining hall (which included pancakes!) packed our bags and then took part in survival activities in the woodlands. We learnt how to make shelters with wood and ropes and  even tested how our shelters would hold up in wind and some of us may have got a little damp due to 'unforeseen weather'!  

The children had such a wonderful time and were an asset to the school. It was delight to see how much the children have developed over the two years I have taught them and I'm sure it's an experience they will treasure forever.

I have started uploading some pictures to the gallery but there will be more to follow!