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Partake History's Egyptian Day

We've had another wonderful day with Mr Adby from Partake History - this time enriching our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. 

We began our day recapping some of the facts and information that we have learnt over the course of our topic, with Mr Adby adding more detail. After that we looked at some replica artefacts including statuettes, miniature canopic jars and amulets.









After break, we explored some of the spices used by the Ancient Egyptians. These included spices that we recognise today such as coriander seeds, cinnamon and cumin seeds and also older spices - frankincense and myrrh. 



Then Mr Adby used Sophia as a model to demonstrate what the Egyptians used for make-up. We found out something new: the make-up wasn't used for appearance but to protect their faces from the sun!


After lunch the children designed their own cartouches and then we all went into the hall to participate in a drama based on the death of a young Egyptian prince. The children dressed as Egyptians and participated in the burial ceremony.






When the ceremony ended, there was complete silence - it was a really magical moment that the whole class had created through the drama!