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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Pupil Parliament 19-20

Friday was the first Rushcliffe Schools Alliance Pupil Parliament (RSAPP) meeting of 19-20!

Tianna and Rebecca were lucky enough to attend the meeting at County Hall in West Bridgford.

There were school council representatives from 32 different schools there and the children took part in a  very serious debate. Before that, they took part in a warm-up debate: Are Jaffa Cakes cakes or biscuits?!

Some very convincing arguments were thought of, but most decided it was a cake.

Our main debate was to discuss whether it was right that the school holidays have been changed so that we now have two weeks in October and 5 weeks in the Summer. Again, the children put forward some very convincing arguments! They voted properly, as if they were in the House of Commons,  by leaving through one door and coming back in through different doors depending on whether they voted 'Yes' or 'No'. Overwhelmingly, the children voted that yes, it was the right decision to change to 2 weeks in October and 5 weeks in the Summer!

The RSAPP need a new logo designing, so watch this space for information on how to join in with that!