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School Council Representatives


A few weeks ago the children in every class had the opportunity to vote for their class representatives for the School Council.

This meant anyone who wanted to be part of the School Council had to write a speech explaining why they would make a good school councillor. They also had to think about ideas they had for improving the school.

It is such a courageous thing to stand up in front of a class and make a speech- so well done to each and every one of you who took part.

Every teacher counted the votes and School council representatives for each class are as follows:

Sweet Pea Class (Year 2/3)- Olivia and Leo

Snowdrop class (Year 4)- Olive and Maalang

Rose Class (Year 5)- Bobby and Charlie 

Sunflower Class (Year 6)- Harley and Sophie W

For the past two school council sessions we have been discussing the role and responsibilities of the school council. We also wrote about this and displayed our work on the School Council display in our classrooms.

I can't wait to discuss our ideas going forward!

Miss Fowell