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Pupil Parliament June 2022

The Year 6's had the chance to take part in Pupil Parliament at Nottingham County Hall today!

Two of our Year 6 pupils had the exciting opportunity to attend the Council Chambers at County Hall in Nottingham this afternoon with mr Cresswell.

They were joined by Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards, where bythe children had an opportunity to find out more about her role as an MP and how she has represented Rushcliffe in the House of Commons.

Here are some of the questions our wonderful Year 6 School council representatives sent to Ruth:

What inspires you to make the decision you do?

What is like to be a member of parliament? 

Do you like the job you do? Is there anything you enjoy in particular?

How do you become a member of parliament? What was your journey to becoming an mp?

What is your work life balance?

What decisions have you made recently or put in place in Rushcliffe?

What is your view on Ukraine refugees? What is our borough doing to support these families?

Do you handle the funding for NHS and schools? If so, how is this funding being allocated and spent?

How has covid affected your job?

The children did a fantastic job at representing our school and spoke maturely and articulately! Well done!