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The school council met the MP Ruth Edwards

School Council had a very exciting opportunity this week...


The Key Stage Two members of the School council: Max, Bea, Jacob, Bella, Connor, Eviee, Erin and Riley, had the chance to meet a real-life MP on Friday, Ruth Edwards MP for Rushcliffe and her senior assistant Sam. It was an insightful experience and one I'm sure the passionate School Council will remember fondly. They represented the school maturely and demonstrated fantastic communication skills.


In assembly over the past few weeks, we have learnt about democracy and looked at how our School Council is rather like Parliament (on a much smaller scale!); representing the ideas and opinions of our peers.


Ruth introduced herself and her colleague and showed us this video to ensure we knew what Parliament was, the role of MPs and how MPs are voted in to represent their local communities. (Please see the video below for more information)


We found out about Ruth's beliefs which may be the same as, or different from us as individuals, but how it is important that we have healthy debates about our viewpoints. Ruth did explain to the children that she does have friends in the other political parties, just as we have friends who think differently from us. The children also asked her about her hobbies - she loves animals and many at her home! 


Ruth also had a tour of the school with Mrs Holmes and all of the children were an absolute delight; keen to show what they were learning and greeting our visitors with warm smiles and 'hellos'. Mrs Holmes was very proud of them. 

Although the children are not yet able to vote in a national election, Ruth still like to hear the viewpoints of young people. So, if your child is interested in writing to her then you can find contact details at: Ruth Edwards | Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe


Who knows, perhaps a future Prime Minister will be a KPNS pupil - wouldn't that be great!?

 Here is the video incase you would like to watch with your children: 


The children then had the opportunity to ask any burning questions they had here are the questions we asked Ruth Edwards: