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Being plastic clever!

We received a beautiful book for our letter writing.


You may remember in our last blog we wrote letters to Tesco about their use of plastic on children's magazines . Due to our interest we were sent a book called 'Be Plastic Clever' by Amy & Ella Meek to add to our School library. We were super proud that are passion for plastic waste was recognised!

This book, written by Kids Against Plastic founders Amy and Ella Meek, explains everything we need to know about the problem of plastic, in full but digestible detail - for example, the difference between essential (ie medical) and avoidable plastics - and why recycling isn't enough. It also illustrates why bioplastics, which are often touted as eco-friendly, actually can't be recycled and don't really compost down.

The book offers some great solutions for young eco-conscious people trying to reduce their plastic use, and looks at the lives of great activists for inspiration - from Gandhi to the most famous environmental campaigner of her generation, Greta Thunberg. 

Audible version: please click here


I'm sure we can incorporate some of these ideas to our school!