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Our new school council for this year

Find out about our school council this year...

Each year we form a team of dedicated pupils whose main role is to represent the views of all the pupils at KPNS. The children had to stand up in front of their peers and say why they think they would be good for this role and then their class voted for the pupils they want to represent them. Well done to all the pupils who were brave enough to stand up and put themselves forward- we are super proud of you all. We are pleased to announce that our new School Council members are:

Y2- Jacob z and Isabella

Y3- Isaac and Oliver

Y4- Katie and William GN

Y5- Louie and Megan

Y6- Niamh and Gracie


The newly-formed School Council will meet fortnightly with Miss Fowell to discuss school and community priorities and will help the Senior Leadership Team move the school forwards.