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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Houses of Parliament trip!

On Monday,  two members of the school council (Tianna and George) were lucky enough to visit the Houses of Parliament!

We had a VERY early start as we had to be on the coach at 6.30am (Miss Hopwood included!) but we had lots of snacks to keep us busy. George successfully entertained most of the coach on the way down and kept us all giggling. We had Will and Millie from Crossdale to keep us company as well.

We had a tour of the Hosues of Parliament and were allowed in the House of Commons, although we weren't allowed to sit down! They were busy doing work in the House of Lords, so we weren't allowed in there.

The children were all incredibly knowledgeable about what happens in the Houses of Parliament and asked some great questions too.

After the tour, we took part in a debating workshop and Tianna got the very important job of being the speaker and had to keep everyone in order!

Click here to see all of our photos from the day.