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  • What my parents don't know about safeguarding is....

    Published 13/10/18, by Peter Cresswell

    The statements below, about the use of social media, were compiled anonymously by the children of Year 5 & 6 at a local Primary School. They make for interesting reading...

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  • stranger danger

    Published 17/09/18, by Helen Holmes

    Stranger Danger

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    Published 16/07/18, by Helen Holmes

    Parents are sometimes unsure as to when children can be left at home alone. The information below gives some very useful guidance. As a rule, primary aged children should never be left at home alone. 

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  • Staying safe outside

    Published 08/05/18, by Gemma King

    As we have been so lucky to have an amazing few days, weather wise, it's worth reading through the information about how parents can support their children to stay safe when they are playing outside including being aware of any risks; setting rules and building your child's confidence. It also gives some useful information about when children are ready to be out and about without their parents/carers. 

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  • Talking to your child about staying safe online

    Published 07/05/18, by Peter Cresswell

    Talking to your child – openly, and regularly – is the best way to help keep them safe online.

    You might find it helpful to start with a family discussion to set boundaries and agree what's appropriate. Or you might need a more specific conversation about an app or website your child wants to use or something you're worried about.

    If you're not sure where to start then here's the advice you need – great ways to begin conversations to keep your child safe online - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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  • Being a parent can be hard.....

    Published 12/04/18, by Peter Cresswell

    Balancing the various demands parents have to cope with isn't easy and all parents can come under pressure or stress from time to time.

    This guide shares practical advice and tips for positive parenting techniques that work well for children - from babies to teenagers. These techniques encourage better behaviour and help parents find out what works for them and their child.

    The guide is also a valuable resource for services and professionals offering parenting advice to new parents and those caring for young children or teenagers. Click below to download the guide

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