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Cyber Bullying

July 2022

We have recently been made aware that a few children in Y6 have been part of a group on snapchat where the language used was extremely unkind and targeted one specific child in a way that could be described as bullying. Although we believe the worst messages came from a child who is not a pupil at KPNS, a small number of our pupils were part of the group.

We will be talking to the children but wanted you to know that we have asked South Wolds school how they deal with such matters. They have told us that where the identity of a child who is using social media to bully other children can be proven, they would urge parents to pass messages onto the police and also exclude the perpetrators from school. In future, we will take the same actions at KPNS – we cannot tolerate bullying behaviour in any way, even when it takes place out of school on social media.

Please speak to your child about this matter to ensure they understand how serious it is – we do not want any pupils from KPNS involved in such behaviour either as the victims or the perpetrators.

We would urge all parents to: 

  • Ensure your child is not accessing social media beyond their chronological age
  • Set up appropriate parental controls on phones and all electronic devices
  • Regularly check your child's usage - read their chats
  • Put appropriate sanctions and consequences in place if your child is not using social media responsibly.

Further guidance can be found here: