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Our New Topic!

Autumn 2 has begun in the dark! Our BIG QUESTION this half term is ....

What happens when I fall asleep!

To start this off we went into the pitch black hall to see the moon and stars projected on the ceiling.

Then we used torches to hunt around the hall for animals that come out at night. We started to hear the word "Nocturnal" being used to describe these animals.

We also talked about the shape of the moon and found out it was a crescent shape projected onto the ceiling.

Take a look outside in the evenings and talk to your child about how the moon changes shape.

Take a look here at the (dark) photos from this afternoon.

Don't forget... Family Friday starts again this Friday where we will be looking at bedtime stories.

Click the Newsletter attachment below to learn all about of the exciting activities the children will be learning about this next half term.