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Christmas events and notices.

Here is a copy of the Christmas Newsletter that has been put in all of the book bags. Please take a moment to read through all of the information as it is getting busy in the lead up to Christmas and we wouldn't want the children to miss out on any of the fun.

The letter in the school bag unfortunately said the Pyjama party was taking place on Thursday Dec 18th but has been corrected on this version to Thursday 19th December.

An addition to the letter is a polite reminder that drinks bottles for keeping the children hydrated throughout the day should only contain pure water. Whilst we realise lots of children prefer to drink water with some form of flavouring in, they all do happily drink plain water when we offer it to them at other times of the day. 

We play this video to children to inform them about the benefits of drinking water.... as well as being a catchy song!