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Kringeli Krangeli???

What on earth is Kringeli Krangeli?????

Every Monday afternoon we do "Write Dance". This is a physical movement program that uses music and movement to help the children with their coordination and the early part of handwriting.

At this stage the children may not have settled on their dominant hand so you will notice we use both hands! This is really good for co-ordination too.

So if you have been having your children singing some strange songs when they come home on a Monday night..... maybe this blog has explained it.

The rhyme we have been singing today is :-

Kringeli Krangeli Kringelidong

Up and down, walking along

Sand in my shoe, what shall I do?

Sand in my shoe, what shall I do?

Wobble, wobble,wobble, Go sand!

Kringeli Krangeli Kringelidong

Far from home and on we roam

A long long way to go

And then we'' be back home.

Take a look at us in action (sorry for the video skills.... I was trying to kringle krangle at the same time!)