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Carrot song Challenge!

So here is a catchy tune (sorry it will get stuck in your head!)



Two challenges for today.

Mrs G 



 This activity is for all foundation children. It helps them develop their mathematical language. Use real objects where possible. The idea is you do the same activity with the same objects more than once so your child had chance to keep trying out new ideas. For example Flynn this morning talked a lot about big and small. So in the next session I am going to start introducing long and short for the carrots. After you have done the activity just leave pens, pencils and paper out for your child, you may find they want to mark make or older ones may start writing numbers and sums

Mrs L

I am setting you a talking challenge (seahorses)  or a  writing challenge. (Starfishes)

Listen to the song and learn lots of facts about carrots.

Talk about or write about three things about a carrot

eg. What conditions do carrots need to grow?

Name some of the different ways we eat or cook carrots.

I have attached a piece of special carrot writing paper below if you have a printer at home just to make your writing look extra carroty! Or just draw a border of carrots around a piece of plain white paper. Seahorses, ask your grown up to write down what you have talked about. Starfish class, we are expecting a little more from you as it is time you started to have a go at writing a simple sentence all by yourself.

Top tips for successful independent writing

Don't forget those finger spaces when you are writing so that it makes it easier to read each word.

Use your Fred Fingers to try and work out the sounds you can hear.

Use your RWI speed sound pictures that were in your home learning pack. Have it right next to you as you are writing and it will help you quickly find the sounds you need.

Don't worry if you can't work out all of the sounds. Lets start with the first sound and then what can you hear at the end. Then lets work out what comes in the middle!