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Carrot word hunt



The sun is out again so it seems a shame not to be doing an activity outside. Mrs G and myself have combined our activities today so you do one giant carrot / word hunt. Hide 10 carrots (or anything you can get your hands on!) around your garden and under each carrot hide a piece of paper where you have written a letter (seahorses) or one of the tricky words (starfish) 

Have fun and don't forget you can do the hunt again and again, taking turns hiding the carrots and the letters/words. The more the children see the words or letters the better they will get at recognising them.

Seahorses why not start with some of the sounds we have been looking at at school plus a few new ones 
m. a. s. d. t. i. n p g. o

Then at some point visit our sounds blog on our website and see how we normally teach these sounds at school 

Starfish class - by the time you finish this school year you should be able to recognise a certain number of 'Tricky' words. These are ones you can't 'Fred in you Head'. That just means you can't work them out, you just have to be able to recognise them.

Here are ten words to learn for now.

I, no, go, to the, into, he she, me we

Mix in the maths there too, just like Flynn. Carefully count the carrots then put them in order of size using language like longer than, shorter than. Give clues as to where they are hidden by using positional language like under, behind, to the right.

Have fun in the sun!

Don't forget to send in your photo's  using       or add to your Tapestry Journal.

Mrs L and Mrs G