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What a busy week!

A massive thank you to everyone who has been putting pictures and videos on their Tapestry journals. 

You are all AMAZING!!!!

A big thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandpas who are taking the time to have a go at our activities and coming up with amazing ideas yourselves too.

Please don't ever feel that you HAVE to do the activities we post. We just wanted to give you some ideas just in case you were a bit stumped! Plus it helps the Foundation team to still feel connected to you all.

 If ever you want to ask us questions just add it to an observation on Tapestry and we check it over a few times a day. Or email

We also know that as Teachers we have magic powers that mean the children do as we ask them.........(most of the time) Luckily we are all mums and know that if a mum asks their child to do something they can dig their heels in and refuse! So as the novelty of working at home is starting to wear off, don't worry if it is becoming harder to get the children to settle down to a task.  

Perhaps start to get a routine going so the children know that once a certain time has finished they wil be able to have free choice throughout the rest of the day. Alternatively split the day up into sections. eg 20 minutes of this and then you can go and do your cars etc. Half the reason school works so well is because the children know what to expect. They get their own little routine secure in their heads.

We will always record a personal little message for your child should you think they need a boost in morale. It is such a strange time and a friendly message can sometimes help. Just let us know.

You will perhaps be glad to hear that next week we are broadening our vegetable focus but for now here is another carrot challenge for you to talk about or even have a go at yourselves.

 Mrs G has posted a playdough carrot challenge on tapestry too. So take a look.