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Yesterday's amazing activities!

So what are your challenges for today???

Using your storyboards that you created yesterday you are going to become the storytellers instead of me!

Firstly for the Seahorse Class....



A little bit different for the Starfish Class.......




Then for a little number work today - some vegetable addition!

As you know it is so much more fun to do it with the real thing so get those vegetables out again and make up some of your own number problems eg 3 carrots add 4 parsnips makes 7 altogether.

Can you write your own number addition sentences? eg 5 + 2 = 7

use language like - if I had 3 carrots and then I bought 4 radishes, how many would I have altogether.

Go and get me 3 broccoli pieces and then get me two potatoes. How many things have I got to put in my pan?

This sign means we add things together +

This sign shows us how much it makes or how much we have altogether. =