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It's Friday! Another week of fabulous Foundation work!

We have had planting of beans just like Oliver's grandad with his vegetables.

I am looking forward to photo's showing us how the beans are growing!

Play dough carrots and carrot letter hunts. Great vegetable drawings.

Lots of baking going on all week and hardworking sentence writing all about our stories after making a storyboard to help write it down..

What have I got in store for you today?

Get your whole family involved with this one.

You need to ask lots of questions today.




Another little one has got involved with their Grandpa's  garden today. Take a look.



A bit later in the day,  why not watch this  video. It is certainly important at the moment that the children learn about how foods can keep us healthy. After the video, Can the children think of or draw a rainbow of fruit and vegetables?




Whilst it would have been the Easter holiday starting today, school as we have come to know it over the last two weeks is going to carry on. We will still be putting activities up purely to give you some ideas and help to keep a certain amount of routine in your child's day. Please don't ever feel under pressure to do all of the activities. They are only there to help and you can use your judgement as to how much they do or if you want to do them. If your child has got another interest that is engaging them... go for it! just send us photo's of that too. We would love to see!

You may get some more home learning packs dropping through your door today just to help keep you all amused. If you see a friendly face dropping off these packs give them a wave through the window.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday with another story. It is an 'egg'citing one.....hint hint.