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Have you been a little monster?

First things first though! I have done a Summer Term message just for the children, so take a look together.




It's also time to find out whether you have been a bit of a handful both at school and at home!

As I said in the video, Foundation Interim Reports will be dropping into your email inbox, so keep an eye out for them. The Foundation team will also be getting lots of activities over to you to help with the next few weeks of 'Lockdown'. Don't worry if you get quite a few messages over the next few days we are just trying to give you resources should you need them.

Over the next couple of days I will be sending new Starfish reading challenges and Seahorse phonic letter challenges. There will also be some guidance for when you are writing with your child and of course lots of maths challenges. Don't feel that you have to do all of these activities at once! How you do it with your child is very much up to you. Every family is different so make it fit in with your schedule and when you think you child is at their most receptive! If you are having trouble getting your child to settle into a work routine and it is concerning you, let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

But we thought that after being at home for quite a few weeks the children might have started to become little monsters! So our topic this week is all about MONSTERS!

Our first story about monsters may come in handy too as a way to talk about your feelings and emotions during this strange time. It is called 'The Colour Monster' and it starts with the monster feeling very mixed up because his colours are all mixed together.



So children.........Your job today is to draw your very own Monster! What colours will you be putting on your monster? How is your monster feeling at the moment?

Starfish Class - Can you write a sentence or even a few, as he might be a mixed up monster with more than one colour. Tell me what colours you have used and why?

eg My monster has got green. He is calm outside on the grass.

I have put red on my monster. He is mad and cross. (I wonder why he is mad and cross?)

Seahorse class - ask your Mum's and Dad's to write down what you want to say about your monster or even have a go at writing a word using your phonics to work it out eg       s-a-d.      c-r-o-ss

Next.....your monster task is to go on a colour hunt.

Have you got any jam jars free? Can you sort coloured objects into pots just like the monster?

if you haven't any jars free, draw them on a piece of paper and put the objects on your drawing and take a photo!

Can you think of any other moods that the monster has not shown?

Finally today, to let off some of that Monster Steam and get yourself moving! Do the Monster Mash!



There will be lots more Monster fun coming tomorrow including another Monster story.

Take a photo of the monsters you have draw today and add them to your Tapestry journal. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put a Monster Gallery on my morning blog!

If you have a printer, I have attached a couple of printables from the story but these do not necessarily need to be used. I am sure you can come up with your very own monster ideas by just drawing them yourselves too! Have Monster Fun in the sun today!