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Monster Colours

So today we are going to go on a Monster Colour hunt. Leo yesterday did his own colour hunt and managed to find all of the colours for each of the monsters! Including red which unfortunately was his scratched  leg!

Can you find the matching colours for the Monsters......... or even some new colours and make up a new monster? What mood would they be?

Lots of you made Mood-o-meters yesterday which meant that my mood-o-meter was definitely on green for  HAPPY!

Watch Mrs G's little helper below set you your challenge........ but beware I think his mood-o-meter was on red by the end of it!




Another challenge for the day is number of the week..... can you find lots of these around your house. Can you practice writing this number?





You will be getting a new sound of the day too today so keep an eye on your Tapesty Journals.

I will be sending out sounds and associated  activities on  a Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday. This is how we tend to do it when we are normally at school. It then gives the Thursday and Friday to use the sounds in 'everday' contexts or do some of the activities at a more leisurely pace. So there will be three new sounds each week. Your assistance with this will ensure the children are still moving forwards during this time out of normal school.

Here are some photos of people definitely learning whilst having fun yesterday. Mrs Gerrard, Mrs Boon and I are missing you all very much and we haven't seen some of your faces on any photo's?  So come on mums's and dad's lets have a few more faces up on this gallery! Remember, it doesn't have to be the activities that have been set on the blog as they are only for guidance. We love to see all of the other learning experiences you are giving them!