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5 little Monsters dancing on the bed!

Those naughty monsters have been jumping on the bed!

Can you draw and make 5 naughty monster puppets to jump on your bed and then take one away each time until you are left with zero!

Can you give a name to each of your monsters?  Write their names above their heads and then take a photo and send it to me so we can have a MONSTER PARADE!

Seahorse children could have a go at singing the rhyme and working out how many monsters are left each time. 

Starfish children could also have a go at writing down the number sentence each time  a monster jumps off the bed eg.          5 -1 = 4          4 -1 = 3            3 -1 = 2            2 -1 = 1              1 -1= 0




Don't forget too to go on your Doodlemaths! Will we be getting certificates this week? At the moment Starfish class are in the lead!!!!! There are lots of activities there to help with our numbers of the week.

Starfish Class you also have The Reading Eggs app. Some of the sounds you have been learning this week are on there so I have set you a challenge to complete..... you have 7 days to do your sound mission! If your sound was not on there I have set you a tricky word game.

Lots of you were very busy yesterday

I could see colour hunts in the garden, painting using lots of different colours, number 8 came out to play!

Virtual trips on the roller coasters at Disney land. Ballet lessons online, lots of sounds of the day and reading activities too.

It's good to see you out in the sunshine keeping fit and healthy as well!