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Story-time Monster Prompts

You have been amazing monsters this week so I have found you another story!




In this story the monsters use crayons or paints to create new colours

Can you do some colour mixing of your own to make a new monster?

How are you going to mix your new colours? Are you going to mix the crayon colours together. Have you got paints that you can mix. Could you use chalk on the patio outside ?

I also found these sheets below which are an interesting way of starting a monster. If you can't print them out then maybe a grown up could draw you a monster starter like the googly eyes and you could build your monster from there.

Once you have made your new monster can you talk or write a little bit about it. You can use the word mats to describe the parts of your monster and what they are like.

Seahorse class - ask your mummies and daddies to tell you what some of the words say and then think about which ones you would like to use for your monster.

Starfish class  - you could have a go at writing a couple of sentences about your monster using the word mats to help.

if you want to print out any of these sheets I have attached them to the bottom of the blog.

Lots of you were Monster busy again yesterday! And Doodlemaths is very close this week!!!!! keep doodling.

Look below at all of the hard work with your sounds and writing activities, mixed up with a monster parade!