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We are going to be doing lots of SUPER(tato) activities this week.

Another week, another story to help us learn in a fun way.




So, as I said in the video above, one of your challenges today is to go and get a big potato and turn it into a SUPERTATO! Give him or her a mask and a superhero belt. They will need a cape too! Add anything you would like your superhero to have. Do they have a special tool to help them with their superhero powers?

Another challenge is for you to talk about Supertato's special powers. He is very proud of his super powers and wants to shout about what he can do.  I have attached a sheet showing Supertato with a big speech bubble ready for you to write him telling you what his super powers are. If you don't have a printer draw a picture of Supertato with a big giant speech bubble coming out of his mouth. Make sure the speech bubble is big so you can fit your words in.

Seahorses - Read through the story and tell your grown up when you hear one of Supertato's powers. Ask your grown up to show you how to write the words you want. Maybe you could work out what sound each word starts with?

Starfish class - Have a go at writing a few simple sentences yourself eg I am super speedy, I am super strong, I am clever. Remember, you can use the book to help you do your spellings.Eg.  Can you find the word strong in the book...... it has got the special friends 'ng' at the end.

In keeping with our story, our movement to wake us up each morning ........ the hot potato!

Do it each morning to reinforce rhythm and core coordination.



During the morning I will be sending out you links to your sound of the day and reading books for starfish class. These will be put onto your tapestry journals with a text alerting you to them being put on.

Seahorses - you will be getting a new pre-writing challenge too to have a go at over the next few days.

Looking forward to a SUPER week!