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Evil Pea Hunt!

Even the Gruffalo is having trouble with evil peas!



Can you have a go at an evil pea hunt subtraction game?

Can you write a number sentence to show what happened ? Eg 5 - 2 = 3

Have you had a go at making a jelly trap? Look in your cupboard, have you got some old jelly that you could Trap Evil  Peas in?

Maybe you could trap 9 peas in the jelly as our number of the week is...........





Evil Pea won't get very far though as there are lots of traps waiting for him!

Take a look and see all of the ingenious hideaway's and traps you have made as well as some of the other amazing activities you have been getting up to with your families!

Remember - the activities we put on our blog are there just to give you ideas should you want some inspiration! Do not feel that you have to do all of them or even any of them if your child has interests elsewhere. We have been working hard to make activities accessible to all but It is a very unusual time so it is hard to get the balance right, as every family is different. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate and drop us a line via Tapestry or our class emails.

Thanks to such a positive response yesterday  we have now got everybody up and running on their Tapestry app so we will no longer need to send out a text message alerting everyone to the activities available. This means you can simply access a bank of activity resources for your child as and when you want to by clicking on their Tapestry journal. All we ask is that whenever you see your child do something fabulous...... send us a picture so we still feel connected to you all.

By sending in their pictures the children can also still feel connected to each other and this may be of some comfort to them. We have been told that lots of them have been really missing their friends this week.