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Our Home learning map this week really is a map! A treasure map!

Ah Har Me hearties!!!!!

For the next two weeks  we be learning all about ye Pirates!!!!

To start you off here is your Monday morning story!




On this blog I have put loads of activities for you to delve into at some point during the week.

Pick and choose ones that interest your child.

Take a look at the learning map a little more closely to see your pirate challenges for this first week 

To start the week off ...... What be your pirate name?

Can you work out what your pirate name could be from the chart below?  

Starfish class could also have a go at writing a sentence  or two eg 'I am the pirate Jolly Landlubber. I have a hook and a wooden leg'.

You could also have a go at working out what your mum, dad, brother or sister would be called and write that down too.

(Remember,  writing a simple sentence would be a Starfish class target this term. I have attached pirate word mats for some ideas at the bottom of this blog. Maybe the children could make their own pirate word mat)


In our story this week the pirates dropped their telescope so can you make them a new one?  This could be your D&T challenge set by Mrs King last week.

Look at the White Rose Maths activity to add a little extra to you Telescope design. Can you decorate your telescope with a two colour pattern (ABABAB pattern) or a three colour pattern (ABCABCABC pattern)

Can you improve the design of your telescope by making it extend in and out? How could you do that?



In order to understand a pirate you need to learn how to talk like a pirate!

Watch Captain Jay and learn about some of the words Pirates use.



Here is another video to learn about 'Pirate Talk' but it also gets your feet moving. It is a bit of a challenge so I think we should also get the grown ups doing it too! Perhaps we could turn the tables and instead of your mums and dad's videoing you.... You video your mums and dads doing the swashbuckling song and dance?



Later in the week you could have a go at floating and sinking in the bath!



Can you make a boat that floats to keep the pirates safe? Why not do a drawing of your boat and let us know how you made it. (see sheets at bottom of blog for ideas)

Finally, why not learn some sea shanties to sing together and get you moving. Here are two versions of the same song.  How are they different?  How have the words been changed?  How do they look different? Which one do you like the best and why?






Lots of sheets attached belw to print off or give you some ideas.

Have a great Pirate week and send us lots of observations, comments, photos and videos!

Mrs Boon ( Skipper Darkwaters)

Mrs Lindley (Jolly Landlubber)

Mrs Gerrard ( One eyed Bowman)