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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

The Foundation Unit 'Bubbles'

In light of the guidance we have been given for the phased re-opening of the Foundation Unit we thought you would like to see the changes we have made.

We have split the unit in half to allow for two self-contained 'Bubbles'. These bubbles will only ever contain a maximum of 15 children. We have tried as much as possible to duplicate the learning areas in each bubble and will be aiming to use as much outdoor learning as possible (weather permitting.) 

We have changed the entrance doors for the Foundation Unit to keep the two bubbles separate.

Bubble A - adults that will remain with this bubble will be Mrs Lindley/Mrs Gerrard/Mrs Gibaldi

Bubble B - adults that will remain with this bubble will be Mrs Boon/Miss Waugh.

Please watch the videos below that will show the changes we have made. Hopefully they will allow parents to see the measures we have put in place and also give the children a chance to become familiar with and prepared for the room as and when they return.

If you have any questions please use  the main school email 

Bubble A






Bubble B