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Our learning mat for this week (download it at the bottom of the blog)


Here are resources and links to activities for you to delve into during the week.

We will send out your sounds of the week via your Tapestry journal so you get the sounds that are just right for you!

Lets get started with our Monday morning Story.     Superworm!



Over the week perhaps you could listen to the story a few times. Then why not do a quiz? Do you know the answers to these Superworm questions?

Now shall we do a little moving to get our bodies and brain working. Join in with the Dance'n'Beats to move like not only a worm but other bugs and creatures too.



Lets bring a little bit of Maths into our Superworm story.



Create a Superworm Supermarket - save up some of your own tins and turn them into tinned minibeasts!

Can you make your own giant Superworm out of a pair of tights and stuffing it with newspaper? Add Elastic bands around it too and get those funky fingers working hard. Now you can re-enact the story using your own Superworm!

How long is your Superworm?  Can you measure it. Can you make Superworms out of anything else and measure them? 

Can you learn the song and the sign language for 'There's a worm at the bottom of the garden' - Mr Tumble will help you!



Have you ever made a worm jar and see what an amazing job worms actually do in our gardens?

We are going to be doing a lot of work on 'Pattern' this term so why not have a go at finishing off these patterned worms