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Welcome to Dragon School!

Our Monday Morning Story all about Zog the little dragon who has to go to school to learn all about the skills he will need to be a grown up dragon. Will he get a Gold Star?



BBC iPlayer have the whole of the beautiful animated story available to watch. Click here. (You may have to download the iPlayer at first.)

Our talking/writing prompts this week come from the story.

Would you like to go to dragon school?

How is it the same as our school? How is it different? 

Seahorses - Can you draw a picture of what you would do with Zog?

Starfish class - Can you have a go at writing a sentence all by yourself?

Can you use your Fred fingers and all of your speedy sounds to work out the letters you need to write.

Can you write a sentence to say what you would like to teach Zog to do.

There is lots of maths you can do with a dragon!

Cut out some giant dragon feet and put them around your house or garden.

What could you use to measure them?

Can you make a dragon by cutting out 2D shapes. Can you cut the shapes out yourself? As you are cutting them out ask yourself ..... Do they have straight sides or curvy sides? Are there any corners? How many sides do they have. What shapes will you use for the different parts of the dragon? There is a 2D shape dragon sheet attached to the bottom of this blog if you want to hae some hel with the shapes.

Click here to play the Chinese dragon number game. You can choose how high you want to go with your numbers!

Finger printing patterns to make a dinosaur

Get on top of your scissor skills by making a spiral Chines dragon.

Or give your fingers a workout by pressing and rolling playdough to make a dragon.


Sing, dance and move to the 'Fly Like A Dragon video'!



Have some Yoga time for a quieter moment




Can you turn yourself into a dragon?

Make a dragon mask or create some beautiful dragon wings?

Visit this website for a no sew idea - click here or go on a nature hunt and stick natural objects onto your dragon wings.

Towards the end of the week why not watch the sequel to the story and find out about what Zog got up to with the flying doctors. How do they help each of their patients? Can you hear the rhyming words?



Don't forget to take photos of your work and post it to your Tapestry account. That way we can share our fun with each other regardless of whether you are at school or home. 

Starfish class - keep up with your Doodlemaths and Reading Eggs. Lets see if we can be the winning class again.